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Reward Us

Customer Rewards Program

Now earn 3% to 10% reward cash to spend as a store credit in any of our stores every time you make a purchase!

Simply check the product page for the rewards value, checkout and pay for the item, and the rewards will be transferred to your account for your next purchase within 24 hours. It's just that easy.

Want to spend your rewards?

Simply shop for what you need, then check the box in checkout to redeem your awards points. Awards points are good on all purchases and your balance can be checked in your account anytime you like.

**Please note that reward points are only valid on store items.  Custom services are not included. If you cancel your order or payment is declined you will not receive your bonus award credit.



The Math:  Example: 

  • 200 reward points for every $100 dollars spent.
  • Purchase of our products = 11000 reward points.
  • 11000 reward points = $110.00 Dollars towards your next purchase.
  • Points keep adding up and you can apply them to any purchase.
  • Points never expire unless you request that we delete your account.

How does it work?
Every single item in the store earns rewards points! Yes, everything --- if you can add it to your shopping cart you can earn Rewards Points.

How do I get them?
Earn Rewards Points by creating an account, leaving a product review, referring a friend, linking to any of our stores from your website, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. and of coarse on every purchase you make. All points for everything except purchases will be added to your account manually by us. For purchase reward points just add items to your shopping cart as usual. When you proceed to checkout and submit your order your points will show in the Rewards Points box in the upper right column. Points will show as PENDING until your order is processed. Points will show as EARNED once your order is processed and scheduled for delivery. Purchase Rewards Points are awarded based on the actual merchandise total in the shopping cart. For example, if you purchase something at the sale price, the Reward Points you receive will be calculated based on the sale price.

How much are they worth?
The dollar value of your Rewards Points is equivalent to 5% of your merchandise total. For example: place an order of $25 in merchandise (taxes, shipping, and coupon discounts excluded) and you earn 125 Rewards Points. Each Rewards Point is equal to $.01 in merchandise. Earn 500 Rewards Points and get $5 in free merchandise, or $5 off your next order. Use them anytime or save them for later and watch them add up... it's up to you.

How do I redeem them?
On the checkout page your Rewards Points will be displayed about midway down the page. There will be a check box which shows your Reward Points balance. Click the check box to redeem your Reward Points towards your current purchase and you will see the amount deducted from your order total. That's it! It is never mandatory to redeem points and you may SAVE your points for another day, if you prefer. Accumulate Rewards Points every time you shop and save up for that beautiful rewards tool you've had your eye on!

How long are they good for?
There is no expiration date on Rewards Points so accumulate as many as you like for as long as you like!

Can they be used in conjunction with other offers?
Yes they can. If we have a sale, or you have a coupon, you can still use your Rewards Points. There is no expiration date for these points, and they can be used whenever you like.

Are there any restrictions on them?
Rewards Points may only be redeemed towards merchandise totals only and will not be applied towards tax, shipping, coupon discount amounts, or other charges. Rewards points are not redeemable for cash or credit, are not retro-active, and may only be redeemed during checkout on current orders at initial time of purchase.

Can I transfer them to a friend's account?
Yes, under certain conditions. Contact us for details if you would like to gift a friend with some or all of your Rewards Points. Account verification is required and all transfers are subject to approval of management. For the protection of our customers, we reserve the right to deny any transfer request for any reason without cause, reservation, or explanation. This disclaimer is for the protection of our customers and legitimate transfer requests will be honored.


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