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Raritan Hold n Treat Control w/21P12 Pump - 12VDC - Black


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The 'Hold n' Treat' is designed to integrate both a Type I and Type III MSD (Marine Sanitation Device) to provide the user with a system that will be legal in all areas. All system components can be purchased through Raritan or, make use of equipment that already exists on your vessel. Each complete system will consist of: a holding tank, waste transfer pump, key switch, controller and Lectra/San or Purasan.

All waste is stored in a holding tank and the lockout switch position will determine how the waste is processed. This system eliminates the need for visits to the pump-out station in most areas.

When 'Hold n' Treat' is set to AUTOMATIC the level of waste in the holding tank is monitored (every 30 seconds). Once the waste level reaches the HIGH LIMIT the 'Hold n' Treat' Control Unit sends a signal activating the LectraSan MC or Purasan. The LectraSan MC or Purasan, in turn, activates a Waste Transfer Pump which moves waste (approximately 1 gallon) from the holding tank to the LectraSan MC or Purasan. This cycle is repeated approximately every seven minutes. After the fourth cycle, the system enters a cool down cycle. It will remain in the cool down cycle for approximately fifteen minutes. After cool down, the process will resume until the waste in the tank drops below LOW LIMIT.


Components can be added to existing equipment

Easy to install

Two modes of operation - Automatic and Override

All components are mounted outside of the tank

System can accomodate up to 2 Type I Marine Sanitation Devices for large holding tank installations

Waste is conveniently stored until it can be disposed of legally

Eliminates trips to the pump-out station

Lock-out switch prevents discharge of treated sewage in No Discharge Zones

Allows vessels to discharge their holding tank legally!

The basic 12 Volt system Part # 21B1201 contains:

Control Module

Lock-out Switch with 2 Keys

Tank Sensor Module

Pump Relay

5' of Aluminum Tape

Macerator pump

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  • Model: RAR21B1201
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs
  • Manufactured by: RAR

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